Liquid or water storage tanks

1200 litre Polyethylene liquid Storage Tank

The TT1200 captures rain water for recycling by fitting snugly under any eave with your building downpipe connecting directly into it. It's 2m+ height makes it ideally suited for gravity-fed garden soaker hoses in both urban and rural environments.

Model: TT 1200
Capacity: 1200 Litres
Max. Height: 2160mm
Diameter: 890mm
Weight: 34 kg
Colour: Mist Green

* Standard tank colour - Mist green.
* Other colours can be made to order at an additional cost.
TS 260 Water tank



- Perfect for emergency water supply
- Fill from town supply so you always have clean fresh water
- Will not overbalance
- Does not require to be tethered to the house

We have produced a new TS260 (260 Litre) tank to our range.
This is basically a squat T450 which is ideal for transporting water and also as an emergency water supply, great in case of an earthquake as this tank is short and won't fall over.

Wilson Poly-Tanks
Polyethylene liquid Storage Tanks

  • One piece moulded construction including scew lid
  • Ultra violet resistant
  • Fully ribbed for strength and durability
  • Moulded from virgin raw material for top quality performance
  • Dimensions compatible with standard galvanised tanks
  • Resistant to most chemicals. Technical data available from manufacturer
  • Light and easy to install
  • High impact resistance
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Capacities and measurements nominal
  • Each tank fitted with four lifting lugs
  • Each tank supplied with 20mm outlet & 50mm rubber seal overflow connection
  • Tank colours - Mist green as priced. Other colours can be made to order at additional cost

For South Island water tanks P.O.A (Price on application)

Backflow Preventor Box

Size: 340mm W x 750mm L x 660mm H

Underground Polyethylene Detention Tank DT2100

The one-piece rotational moulded tank is manufactured from virgin high-density polyethylene and has a working capacity of 2100 litres

The design provides ease of handling and wall strength is further increased by a formed reinforced profile.

Its lightweight 95 kilos also is an advantage in handling. Can be used as a detention or retention tank.

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